Our Curriculum ( Daffodils Preschool and Preprimary )

Our curriculum is designed keeping in mind the needs of the student in accordance with their developmental stage.

A lot of stress is laid on the “Conceptual and practical learning” for we completely believe in the theory ‘I do – I understand –I remember‘.

By age of three the lovely innocent young minds begin their school journey by bringing along with them diverse values, cultures, habits, attitudes, abilities and knowledge.

As preschool is child’s first interphase with the outside world, the child enters the school with lot of anxiety and apprehension.

Hence we have plethora of activities and games that takes care of five key areas of development.

Cognitive Development
Social and Emotional Development
Speech and Language Development
Gross Motor skill Development
Fine Motor skill Development

Our extremely well trained educators, gently guide these curious minds to first socialize and bond with peers and facilitators.

The child gets to dabble extensively in

Physical Education
Social and Emotional Development
Clay modelling
Vocal and Instrumental Music
Fun Sports both Indoor – Outdoor
Story Listening
Puppet Play
Lots of Fun Activities
Celebration of Our Diverse and Rich Culture


It is known fact that early years are critical period in every child’s development as an incredible number of skills and amount of information, required to function well throughout their lives, is learnt in this period.

We ensure that we create an atmosphere, conducive to young learners and achievers of tomorrow albeit at their individual pace.

As per the guidelines laid down by the Research Development and Consultancy Division of Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi.

The school follows the six most essential learning domains essential for productive early years.

These domains are:
Learning Domain 1: Personal Social & Emotional Development

Learning Domain 2: Physical & Motor Development
Learning Domain 3: Cognitive Development
Learning Domain 4: Language & Literacy
Learning Domain 5: Arts & Creative Development
Learning Domain 6: Technology

The child’s process to learn Language, Math, Science, Computers and Life Skills begins with elaborate :

Language and Literacy program
Early Math Readiness program
Awareness about Environment
Life skills and Value education
Exploring Technology (Computer Play)

Language Learning

The school has its own age appropriate, well designed language development course. Along with the same the school also follows Karadi Path programme which uses the basic elements of theatre, music and story telling and opens up classroom space to the joys of language learning.

Early Math Readiness Program

The school firmly believes in leaving no stone unturned in laying strong foundation for Math .

The curriculum aims at equipping/empowering child such that he is able to enjoy a roller coaster journey to the world of varied Mathematical problems and its innumerable solutions.

In the early years we also follow iMaths program to ensure that every child is able to perform abstract Math activities by consciously guiding them through concrete and semi abstract activities. This allows us to build observation, analytical thinking and critical thinking in every child.

Early Awareness Environment

Generally not many children get opportunities to experience nature. Hence it is imperative to develop right attitude towards the living things around us and factors that influence it. They learn about nature only through interactions with it and not by merely reading textbook or solving a worksheet based on the same.

We believe that kids should be given ample opportunities to generate curiosity, observe, experiment,investigate ,ask tons of questions related to the topic.

Hence through dance , drama, drawing , colouring, short films, documentaries, outdoor physical activities, music, we strive to help our children understand that we are an important part of this eco system and that every child can contribute to make our Mother Earth a beautiful and healthier place to live.

Life Skills and Value Education

The vision of the school is to make our student self-reliant. Hence right proportion of Life Skills and Value education need to be imparted effectively.

Life Skills are tools a child needs to lead a successful and meaningful life. We want our students to understand importance of being resourceful and independent.

Value education is most required to build positive character to enjoy life to the fullest.

We firmly believe that every student should develop a positive and well groomed personality, know importance of being responsible and most importantly know how to co-exist harmoniously with peers andfriends.

Exploring Technology

The child today is surrounded by technology, be it at home ,school or any public place. Hence keeping oneself updated with the technology advancement has become necessity.

By the time the child starts his schooling years he knows uses of many electronic gadgets and has developed aptitude to learn and adapt to technology around him.

In school the child gets to use computers to listen to e-story, use paint brush tools, solve puzzles, perform few math related activities, etc.

Children are exposed to computer related accessories such as speakers, pen drive, printers, projectors, etc.

Kids use mouse and keyboard to coordinate the cursor which enhances eye hand coordination. Also they learn computer related vocabulary which helps them in primary grades.