About Trust

Our society THE SARDAR PRATAP SINGH EDUCATION SOCIETY was founded in the year 1978, and was named after SARDAR PRATAP SINGH who was a Freedom fighter and a great Social worker, his contribution towards freedom struggle has been enormous, and he was later elected as Municipal Councillor for several terms and was also elected as Member of Legislative council of Maharashtra.

One of the major contributories towards the formation of the society was Late Sardar Jaidev Singh who along with other founder members initiated the construction of a building for the purpose of starting a school at Bhandup.

After the demise of Sardar Jaidev Singh his sons Mr Amarjit Singh and Mr. Charanjeet Singh have assumed the responsibility of further development of the school with a vision of providing quality and outstanding education that is committed to its vision, robust in its academic aims, innovative in instructional approaches and rigorous in its pursuit of excellence.

Daffodils High Public School was started in the year 2014 under the leadership of Mrs.Sonali Jagade as the Principal of the school. The Motto of the school is “DEEPO DEEPAT PRAVARTATE” which in Sanskrit means one lit candle lights the other and so on. The vision is to make students self-reliant, so that they themselves set their own goals that will challenge their abilities and will make them work earnestly towards their accomplishment of their Goals, but at the same time failure in achievement do not deter them from setting up fresh goals.



Mrs. Kanchan Nandrajog
Mr. Charanjit Singh Nandrajog
Vice President
Mr. Amarjit Singh Nandrajog


President's Message

Our Vision is to influence student’s attitude towards learning and gaining Knowledge, hence we direct our efforts in creating a healthy teaching learning environment for the child.

We wish to lay strong foundation of life skills in students so that they are able to withstand challenges of tomorrow

May the Almighty bless you all with Wisdom and let you all prosper in every walk of life.

Mrs Kanchan Nandrajog - President