Curriculum denotes all those tasks that are performed by the students and teachers in tandem during the schooling years. It is in fact the orderly arrangement of what is thus to be studied.

Our curriculum caters to the needs of the student in accordance with their developmental stage. A lot of stress is laid on the conceptual and practical learning for we completely believe in 'I do – I understand – I remember' theory.

The sole purpose of the school is to let students blossom at their own pace, taking into account every child’s bent of learning style, keeping alive the joy of learning for our students.


As pre-school is child’s first interface with the outside world, the child enters with lot of anxiety and apprehensions. But through structured play activities, the in-house trained staff gently guides the child to socialize and bond with peers and teachers.


Here the child gets introduced to formal academics and dabbles extensively in Art, Craft, Physical Education, Dance, Fun sports and cultural activities. Hence we ensure that we create a relaxed atmosphere and learning happens at an individual pace.