Learning Is Fun



Libraries are lighthouses of knowledge which guides you to tread on the path of life. Books are said to be the best friends of human beings, which enhances intellectual, cultural and aesthetic growth of the students.

A state of art library designed to inculcate reading habit in the students, is provided by the school. Students have access to various periodicals, story books, encyclopedias and reference books. The library is specifically designed in such a way that students can relax and be encouraged to read.


A person who is computer illiterate is as good as illiterate in today’s age. As such a computer lab equipped with latest technology is available for students along with supervised internet facility. A smart class with digital board, server, projector, etc. is also provided to the students to facilitate learning.


Responding to the growing need of “Generation next”, Daffodils High Public School has implemented XSEED program of academics. This program has also been implemented by some of the reputed schools in India.


The school tries to provide the students with latest Science laboratory supplies and equipments to get first-hand learning experience by performing various experiments on their own and acquire the three main Science process skills i.e. Observation, Research and Analysis. This makes Science interesting and effective which in turn will encourage the students to contribute significantly in the field of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and other streams of Science later in life.


As the name says it all, Sanitarium is that place of our school where in the child feels free to go if is unwell and can relax. As many students don’t have good immunity, (all thanks to faulty eating habits) they fall prey to diseases like stomach ache, cold & cough, fever, diarrhea, etc. For which we have the necessary prescribed dosages for the common illness. We make the students rest in the sanitarium till the time the child feels better or is taken home by the parents.


Nurturing their innate talent, students are groomed/ trained in Dance & Music by thorough professionals. The students exhibit their talent in front of huge gathering of audience during the grand annual day. This ultimately boosts their confidence.