Curriculum denotes all those tasks that are performed by the students and teachers in tandem during the schooling years. It is in fact the orderly arrangement of what is thus to be studied.

The structure of our curriculum allows student to build strong vocabulary, acquire better presentation skills both oral and written, correct application of concepts learnt and express ideas and thoughts without hesitation. We at Daffodils High Public School ensure that our curriculum aims to inculcate the need to do self study and develop self governance in every student so that they are ready to take up higher studies and are able to apply their knowledge, acquired during schooling years, in day to day life.


The structure of our curriculum for primary is designed in such a way that students are able to build strong vocabulary through age appropriate reading speaking and listening drills that allows to express ideas and thoughts without hesitation thereby enhancing presentation skills( oral and written) . The students are given ample opportunities to apply the concepts learnt in school through written and oral assignments.


In our curriculum structure for Upper Primary Section, the content and the learning experiences are organized and integrated in a holistic way. We emphasize on complete shift from the rote method. We ensure that the child learns in his own way and at his own pace, through experiential learning, by acting, reflecting, conceptualizing and applying the knowledge for deeper insight and long lasting learning.

In our school there is a lot of emphasis given on the Language Development. The common language development is achieved through the standard practice of LSRW i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills with more focus on extensive reading & structured writing.

The curriculum also centers around projects and assignments, where children work in groups on the topics given. It makes them better at problem solving by using critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and coordination while they are completing their projects.